An Inclusive, Fully Managed Service

Unlike booking agencies, we offer our owners’ a combined letting and management package to deliver a stress-free letting experience. As well as managing the day-today bookings and letting of a property, we include year-round inspections and property winterisation. Since many of our owners reside out of county, we have developed a service that delivers a virtually hands free ownership of a second home.

This management service is included in the fixed rate of commission that we earn from the bookings we generate for your property. We don’t charge extra for it. The enhanced services we provide are there to reduce the burden on you and help to ensure your guests receive the best possible service – there are no hidden financial incentives for us.

We are very proud of the service we deliver and it is one of the reasons that we retain our owners’ trust year after year.

Thank you so much. We get such a wonderful service from John Bray that it makes owning a holiday house a pleasure instead of the nightmare which it can so easily be!

Owner - Speedwell

- Owners First

We never lose sight that it is your home above all, our owners’ have unlimited stays and we let whichever weeks they allow. Rest assured that you would have full access to your money at any time during the year plus a full book keeping service with detailed end-of-year accounts.

- Your Team

We employ a team of 22 permanent staff to provide the appropriate care and attention that you would expect, ensuring each of our owners’ receive a personalised service. Our professionally qualified team includes: maintenance, housekeeping, bookings, marketing, client accounts, admin, tradesmen and building technicians.

- A Flexible Service

We understand that no two owners are the same, which is why we let you choose how your property is managed. Some of our owners opt for a hands-on approach to maintenance and housekeeping, others rely on us to provide a fully managed or part-managed service. We are happy with whatever works best for you.

Our experienced Maintenance Team can manage all aspects of your property’s upkeep, from weekly caretaking to annual chimney sweeps. Our operating systems allow us to allocate the cost of any services and maintenance to your Client Account and, if required, pay invoices on your behalf.

For example you may have a reliable gardener or cleaner but do not want to handle the administration; if you let us know, we will pay them and deduct it from your Client Account. If you don’t have either, then we can sort everything out on your instruction, and the same applies to tradesmen and professional services.

- 24/7 Emergency Service

We operate a 24/7 emergency phone service for guests. The most common calls we get range from guests locking themselves out and heating malfunctions, to water leaks. Our team will deal with all of these issues on your behalf, or liaise with you first on bigger jobs.

- Tax, Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax; Insurance; Capital value and Compliance

As a second homeowner you will be interested in protecting your capital as well as your income and our ethos has always been to keep the capital asset at the front of our minds.

You will need holiday property insurance to cover buildings and contents as well as public liability insurance, but getting the right policy for holiday letting is not easy and importantly, any insurance is subject to the house being managed, inspected and compliant with all the relevant legal requirements.

Our contractual arrangement with our owners means we do not just advise on what is needed (leaving the responsibility and liability over those areas with you as the owner), we actually do the work, even taking over the responsibility for owners of conducting the Fire Risk Assessment.

- The Right Contacts

Our in-house maintenance team includes experienced project managers and skilled workmen, so we are able to tackle most jobs ourselves. If a project is substantial or more involved, we can put you in touch with tradesmen and suppliers whom we know and trust. Over the years we have worked with just about everyone and have a wealth of experience for you to draw on.

- Key holding and Inspection Service

For clients who do not wish to let their properties we also offer a key holding and inspection service at an agreed rate. We currently look after approximately 80 houses on this basis.