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The Cornish scenery is some of the most inspiring in the world. Exciting pirate coves, beautiful seaside beaches with turquoise seas, crabs, whales, and seals. There’s unusual clifftop rock shapes that turn into shadow monsters at dusk. The big open skies are a riot of colour, with oranges and reds at sunset and blue meets the azure sea during the day, with white fluffy clouds and white waves. 

There’s lots to inspire some crafts to enjoy at home. Here are some ideas to spark imaginations.

1. Shadow Drawing

What is the funniest shadow drawing you can do? If the sun is shining, head outside either first thing in the morning or at dusk to create some lovely long shadow pictures. If you have chalk you can draw around your shadows onto the ground. Perhaps you could make up a story on the pavement outside your house for passing children to enjoy. You can enjoy shadow painting inside too with the help of a lamp or torch. Stand a favourite toy on a piece of white paper and shine a light behind them, casting a lovely shadow onto the paper. Use different colours to draw around the shadows. You can take your paper outside as well, to use the sunlight to cast shadows onto your paper.

Shadow drawing

2. Pebble Stories

Collect a handful of smooth pebbles. Paint or use sharpies to draw on some seaside-inspired pictures, such as a seagull, some cheeky pirates, a beautiful sunshine or perhaps lightning storm, a crab and some rockpools. 

Once they are dry, pop them into your very own story bag and give it a gentle shake. Sitting in a circle with the bag in the middle, take it in turns to dip your hands into the bag and find a pebble. Hold it up to your family and tell the first part of the story, inspired by the picture on the pebble. Place the pebble picture-up in the circle. Everyone takes it in turns to pick a pebble and add their bit of the story on to the tale, lining the pebbles up as you go. We wonder where your imaginations will take you. Older kids may enjoy writing the story onto paper and adding illustrations.

Creating memories on a pebble

3. Homemade Seaside Playdough

Salt playdough is a recipe that you may remember making as a kid and it’s a lovely nostalgic activity to enjoy with your own children. 

To make approximately 3 different balls of dough:

Combine 1 cup of flour and ½ cup of salt. Pour in ½ a cup of cold water. 

Now for the fun, messy part. Roll-up sleeves and mix together with your hands. Does it smell of the lovely Cornish seaside? That’s the salt! If you have aromatic oils in the house you could add now to make your own scented playdough. Try a little lemon juice to make seaside ‘fish & chips’ inspired playdough. Add extra flour or water to get the right consistency. Divide into three balls and make a hole in each to pour some food colouring in. If this is too messy or you don’t have any, you could use washable paint. Watch the magic unfold as your playdough turns lovely bright seaside colours. Why not have a go at designing your own playdough ice cream Sundays or perhaps carefully marble two colours together to make sticks of rock sweeties. The playdough can be sealed in bags and kept in the fridge to use later. Alternatively, you could make some keepsakes and harden them by baking them in the oven. Spread some baking paper on a tray and make your favourite Cornwall holiday beach scene. The baked treasures can be stuck to card and popped into a picture frame to go on the wall.

making seaside playdough

4. Treasure Map

This is another, lovely crafty activity that you may have enjoyed yourself as a child. Make your treasure map look nice and old by painting your bit of paper with a wet teabag. Dip a teabag in cold water and smudge it all over your paper, on both sides. Leave your paper to dry and then draw on your Cornish treasure map. Perhaps use your favorite places to visit when on holiday on the Cornish coast? Tear the edges of your map or a grown-up could very carefully burn the edges and even burn a little hole in your map. Your map is now finished – roll it up and tie it into a scroll!

Find your treasure

5. Squishy Pirates

Make your very own squishy pirates using balloons and a filling of either flour or rice. Stretch your first balloon a little to start and then use a funnel to fill it with either rice or flour. Force out all of the air and tie a good strong knot. Stuff the filled balloon into a second balloon to finish your squishy ball off – you can snip the end off the second balloon first for a smooth finish to your squishy creation, or tie a knot and use this as part of your pirate’s hat! If you have different colored balloons, snip a ‘face’ into the second one so when you wrap it over the stuffed balloon you reveal a face where you can draw on eyes. 

If you don’t have a funnel, recycle a used plastic bottle turning it into a funnel by snipping the top part off and use that to pour your filling into your balloon.    

Once you’ve made your squishy creation, now for the design part. Use sharpies or biros to draw your pirate face. You can even glue a pirate beard on using pieces of string or wool.

Squishy pirate balloons